Web-Based and Traditional Outsourcing

Web-Based and Traditional Outsourcing

von: Vivek Sharma, Varun Sharma, K.S. Rajasekaran

Taylor and Francis, 2012

ISBN: 9781466551435

Format: ePUB

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Web-Based and Traditional Outsourcing


In today's increasingly competitive business environment, organizations must be able to adapt to the ever-changing business landscape where traditional business concepts no longer ensure success. The future will be driven by value and competing ideas-creating an environment where old alignments and equations will be replaced by a global network of projects and brand equity can evaporate quickly. Scale business relationships or perish is becoming the new mantra. Written by a team of authors from the world's largest software outsourcer, Web-Based and Traditional Outsourcing explains how to leverage the Web to effectively manage and deploy people, resources, and competencies-regardless of their location. It introduces ground-breaking business models and frameworks that add significant value to outsourcing. This cutting-edge reference:Integrates sourcing, acquisition, payment, and sales into a single end-to-end solutionAddresses outsourced project management, as well as the offer and acceptance of technology servicesDetails how to reduce costs and improve delivery times in software projects through reuse Explains risk sharing, co-ownership, win-win business approaches, and equity-based contracts Examining emerging trends and the future of outsourcing, the text provides authoritative insights into what are becoming the new ways of doing business. The authors supply the enterprise-wide vision of corporate capabilities needed to address contemporary outsourcing issues and include helpful tools for evaluating offshore vendors and determining the best location for your infrastructure needs.