Expressive Writing - Foundations of Practice

Expressive Writing - Foundations of Practice

von: Kathleen Adams

R&L Education, 2013

ISBN: 9781475803167

Format: ePUB

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Expressive Writing - Foundations of Practice


Expressive writing is life-based writing that focuses on authentic expression of lived experience, with resultant insight, growth and skill-building. For decades, it has been the province of journals, memoirs, poets, and language arts classrooms. Social science research now provides indisputable evidence that expressive writing is also healing. In this remarkable collection, eight leading experts from education, counseling, and community service join to offer compelling guidance from applied practice. You'll discover:How writing poetry helps primary school children develop emotional intelligenceA model for helping teens at risk write safely about their deepest hurtsHow to engage reluctant writers and help them develop vital writing skills A simple and effective way to build structure, pacing, and containment into life-based writingHow discovering the wellspring of inner speech helps strengthen writing skillsA method to transform expressive writing into insightful problem-solvingEasy strategies to write family storiesInnovative ways to bring literature into the classroom to hone critical thinking skills through reflective practicePractical, time-tested ways for expressive writing in guidance and counselingCase studies for all levels of learners: Primary, teens, college-age, and adults Whether you are an educator, a counselor, a facilitator or a writer, you'll find this volume an invaluable and innovative resource for the foundations of practice of expressive writing.