Sport and Social Entrepreneurship in Sweden

Sport and Social Entrepreneurship in Sweden

von: Tomas Peterson, Katarina Schenker

Palgrave Macmillan, 2018

ISBN: 9783319724966 , 126 Seiten

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Sport and Social Entrepreneurship in Sweden


This edited collection explores the concept of social entrepreneurship in sport, examining how it has been used in Swedish society to date. It explores how this approach in sport could also be used to address wider socio-political issues, including economic, political, cultural and pedagogical in European society.
Sport and Social Entrepreneurship in Sweden explores different social entrepreneurship projects which have created new forms of activity and reached groups of children and young people previously disengaged in sport. The authors also highlight the growing momentum of this kind of entrepreneurship in Sweden after a period of societal upheaval that has resulted in a blurring of social borders and the founding of new organisational forms.
This book contributes to the formation of a new field of research, involving theoretical and empirical work on the characteristics and possibilities of social entrepreneurship in relation to sport. 

Tomas Peterson is Senior Professor at Malmö University, Sweden, and Professor II at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim. His research areas include sport and social entrepreneurship, the professionalization of Swedish football, and sport politics.

Katarina Schenker is Senior Lecturer in Sport Sciences at Linnaeus University, Sweden. Her research interests concern the inclusion and exclusion of children and youth in physical education and health, and in the state-funded Swedish sports movement.