Two In The Bush

Two In The Bush

von: Kelly Wallace

Sinful Romance, 2017

ISBN: 6610000040377 , 180 Seiten

Format: ePUB

Kopierschutz: DRM

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Two In The Bush


(Formerly titled: Lust In The Outback)

Never having lived up to her father's expectations since she was born the wrong sex, Melony Shepherd is a high-powered, high-strung attorney by day, reclusive emotional cripple by night. Melony searches for a way to find the inner peace and true courage she has never known by taking Hunter McFadden's Alaskan Wilderness Survival Course. She figures that two weeks of roughing-it in the summertime Alaskan bush would do the trick, but will she make it through the sexy Scotsman's rugged course, while continuing to ignore the instant attraction they feel toward one another? Melony is determined to leave with her heart intact, while Hunter vows to seduce the spiny-tongued temptress and have her begging to share his sleeping bag.
What reviewers are saying:-
'Wow talk about passion in the wilderness of Alaska. Kelly Wallace did a beautiful job in bringing Alaska to life not to mention a big strong of a hunk guy like Hunter. Melony is strong and never gives up--something Hunter is finding hard to believe. Love at first sight is hard to ignore yet you can tell just from their first meeting they are instantly attracted. Great job Kelly and can't wait for more of your books!' My Book Cravings Review
'A magnetic duo, Hunter and Melony immediately strike sparks off each other. A case of mistaken identity begins what turns out to be a coming together of two totally opposite individuals. I went through a gamut of emotions as I read Melony's story: sadness, anger, resentment and joy. She is a woman I would be proud to call 'friend.' Hunter is a typical alpha-male hero with his view of women's roles and their uses. His comeuppance is a beautiful thing to witness, as a slip of a woman has the power to bring this giant to his knees. The storyline has plenty of emotional ups and downs, vividly drawn flora and fauna, and witty banter to keep readers engaged the entire story. Another winner from Kelly Wallace...' Scarlet - Romance Junkies
'...a wonderful tale about taking back your life. If Mel can develop some confidence in her self worth, and if both Mel and Hunter can get past their personal demons and learn to trust others, there is hope for the rest of us. Ms. Wallace's characters and descriptions made me want to jump on the next plane to Alaska to overcome my own demons and get back in touch with nature and my soul. If you are feeling the stress of life, take a moment to relax and read this story. I really enjoyed this story and you will too.' Reviewed by: Stephanie B. Fallen Angel Reviews