Law and Policy in Latin America - Transforming Courts, Institutions, and Rights

von: Pedro Rubim Borges Fortes, Larissa Verri Boratti, Andrés Palacios Lleras, Tom Gerald Daly

Palgrave Macmillan, 2016

ISBN: 9781137566942 , 354 Seiten

Format: PDF

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Law and Policy in Latin America - Transforming Courts, Institutions, and Rights


This book offers a comprehensive introduction to law and policy responses to contemporary problems in Latin America, such as human rights violations, regulatory dilemmas, economic inequality, and access to knowledge and medicine. It includes 19 chapters written by sociologists, lawyers, and political scientists on the transformations of courts, institutions and rights protection in Latin America, all of which stem from presentations at conferences in Oxford and UCL organised by the editors. The contributors present original analyses based on rigorous research, innovative case-studies, and interdisciplinary perspectives, all written in an accessible style. Topics include the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, institutional design, financial regulation, competition, discrimination, gender quotas, police violence, orphan works, healthcare, and environmental protection, among others. The book will be of interest to students and scholars interested in policymaking, public law, and development.

Pedro Fortes is Associate Professor of Law at FGV Law School, Brazil, and a Public Prosecutor at the Attorney General's Office of Rio de Janeiro. Author of numerous articles on contemporary Latin American law and policy, he is the editor-in-chief of the FGV Law School series.
Larissa Boratti is a Brazilian qualified lawyer, having practiced with litigation and legal consultancy within environmental law for more than ten years (partner at Ilarraz Advogados). She is also an environmental law lecturer and researcher and is currently a PhD candidate at University College London (funded by CAPES Foundation/Brazil).
Andrés Palacios is a Colombian qualified lawyer, partner of the law firm Estudios Palacios Lleras SAS, and an expert on Antitrust law in Latin America. He has written extensively on the history of antitrust law in Latin America and antitrust theory. He is currently finishing his PhD at University College London.
Tom Gerald Daly is Associate Director of the Edinburgh Centre for Constitutional Law, UK, and a consultant on democracy building, public law and the rule of law. He has published widely on constitutionalism, courts and human rights protection, and is currently Consultant Editor of the Venice Commission Bulletin on Constitutional Case-Law.