Earth Repair - A Grassroots Guide to Healing Toxic and Damaged Landscapes

Earth Repair - A Grassroots Guide to Healing Toxic and Damaged Landscapes

von: Leila Darwish

New Society Publishers, 2013

ISBN: 9781550925296

Format: ePUB

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Earth Repair - A Grassroots Guide to Healing Toxic and Damaged Landscapes


Millions of acres of land have been contaminated by pesticides, improperly handled chemicals, dirty energy projects, toxic waste, and other pollutants in the United States alone. This toxic legacy impacts the environment, our health, our watersheds, and land that could otherwise be used to grow healthy local food and medicines. Conventional clean-up techniques employed by government and industry are tremendously expensive and resource-intensive and can cause further damage. More and more communities find themselves increasingly unable to rely on those companies and governments who created the problems to step in and provide solutions.Earth Repair describes a host of powerful grassroots bioremediation techniques, including:Microbial remediationusing microorganisms to break down and bind contaminantsPhytoremediationusing plants to extract, bind, and transform toxinsMycoremediationusing fungi to clean up contaminated soil and waterPacked with valuable, firsthand information from visionaries in the field, Earth Repair empowers communities and individuals to take action and heal contaminated and damaged land. Encompassing everything from remediating and regenerating abandoned city lots for urban farmers and gardeners to recovering from environmental disasters and industrial catastrophes such as oil spills and nuclear fallout, this fertile toolbox is essential reading for anyone who wishes to transform environmental despair into constructive action.Leila Darwish is a community organizer, urban gardener, and permaculture designer with a focus on using grassroots bioremediation to address environmental justice issues in communities struggling with toxic contamination of their land and drinking water.