3D IC Stacking Technology

3D IC Stacking Technology

von: Banqiu Wu, Ajay, Kumar,, Sesh Ramaswami, Ajay, Kumar

McGraw-Hill Companies,Inc., 2011

ISBN: 9780071741965

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3D IC Stacking Technology


The latest advances in three-dimensional integrated circuit stacking technologyWith a focus on industrial applications, 3D IC Stacking Technology offers comprehensive coverage of design, test, and fabrication processing methods for three-dimensional device integration. Each chapter in this authoritative guide is written by industry experts and details a separate fabrication step. Future industry applications and cutting-edge design potential are also discussed. This is an essential resource for semiconductor engineers and portable device designers.3D IC Stacking Technology covers:High density through silicon stacking (TSS) technologyPractical design ecosystem for heterogeneous 3D IC productsDesign automation and TCAD tool solutions for through silicon via (TSV)-based 3D IC stackProcess integration for TSV manufacturingHigh-aspect-ratio silicon etch for TSVDielectric deposition for TSVBarrier and seed depositionCopper electrodeposition for TSVChemical mechanical polishing for TSV applicationsTemporary and permanent bondingAssembly and test aspects of TSV technology