Discontinuous Dynamical Systems

von: Albert Luo

Springer-Verlag, 2012

ISBN: 9783642224614 , 692 Seiten

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Discontinuous Dynamical Systems


'Discontinuous Dynamical Systems' presents a theory of dynamics and flow switchability in discontinuous dynamical systems, which can be as the mathematical foundation for a new dynamics of dynamical system networks. The book includes a theory for flow barriers and passability to boundaries in discontinuous dynamical systems that will completely change traditional concepts and ideas in the field of dynamical systems. Edge dynamics and switching complexity of flows in discontinuous dynamical systems are explored in the book and provide the mathematical basis for developing the attractive network channels in dynamical systems. The theory of bouncing flows to boundaries, edges and vertexes in discontinuous dynamical systems with multi-valued vector fields is described in the book as a 'billiard' theory of dynamical system networks. The theory of dynamical system interactions in discontinued dynamical systems can be used as a general principle in dynamical system networks, which is applied to dynamical system synchronization. 
The book represents a valuable reference work for university professors and researchers in applied mathematics, physics, mechanics, and control.
Dr. Albert C.J. Luo is an internationally respected professor in nonlinear dynamics and mechanics, and he works at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, USA.