Electronic Disclosure - Law and Practice

Electronic Disclosure - Law and Practice

von: Michael Wheater, Charles Raffin

OUP Oxford, 2017

ISBN: 9780191084522 , 512 Seiten

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Electronic Disclosure - Law and Practice


Electronic disclosure of evidence is now an unavoidable aspect of litigation. With technology continually advancing and reliance on electronic devices growing rapidly, eDisclosure is becoming more and more important. Yet many practitioners, both litigators and arbitrators, are still grasping the complex practical and procedural aspects of eDisclosure. Written by experienced practitioners from Hardwicke, London, this work offers in-depth analysis of the law and practice of eDisclosure in an accessible and user-friendly format. Covering all aspects of eDisclosure from domestic litigation to international arbitration, this book combines legal analysis with practical advice to guide practitioners seamlessly through the stages of disclosure and associated document production, from the identification of relevant documents, through the collectionand preservation of electronic evidence, to the analysis and presentation of data, both before courts and in arbitration. This work also includes in-depth commentary on critical legal issues and practical challenges that arise in relation to eDisclosure, such as dealing with ever growing sources of electronically stored information (like social media and cloud computing storage), and identifying ways and means to ensure that eDisclosure and production is conducted as efficiently as possible. This book will provide practitioners with a practical guide for understanding the rules and procedures of eDisclosure, making it an essential reference for anyone looking to use electronic evidence.