A Third American Revolution

A Third American Revolution

von: Jamil Kazoun

Publishdrive, 2007

ISBN: 6610000108879 , 179 Seiten

Format: ePUB

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A Third American Revolution


Thought-provoking ideas of an alternative view of international policy and the conflicts that arise as nations struggle for power and control. Touching on world issues, such as the war in Iraq, nuclear weapons proliferation, terrorism, the Palestinian - Israeli problem, and the crisis in Sudan, Kazoun makes a compelling case for dramatic reform of the United Nations and US foreign policy else creating a new world government, while offering ground-breaking solutions for achieving the ultimate goals of worldwide peace and economic prosperity. His arguments are backed by logic and careful cost-benefit analyses that leave readers empowered with hope and ideas for making the world a better place for all. Liberty, Justice and international peace do not have to be a pipe dream and Kazoun shows the world the way. A world government, but not the kind you fear! This one, people should love.