NCLEX-RN Exam Prep

NCLEX-RN Exam Prep

von: Wilda Rinehart, Diann Sloan, Clara Hurd

Pearson Education, 2013

ISBN: 9780133391770 , 1008 Seiten

Format: PDF

Kopierschutz: DRM

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NCLEX-RN Exam Prep


Score Higher on the NCLEX-RN(R) Exam! This is the eBook version of the print title. The eBook edition does not provide access to the test engine and practice test that accompanies the print book. We provide you with the proven study tools and expert insight that will help you score higher on your exam Study Tips like the advice and instruction that a personal tutor might provide Notes, Tips, and Cautions provide you with hints and strategies that will help you reduce your mistakes on the exam Comprehensive discussion of all subject areas covered on the NCLEX-RN(R) Exam Practice Questions that include detailed explanations of correct and incorrect answersso you can learn the material from your success and mistakes COMPREHENSIVE! Succeed with comprehensive learning and practice tests Master the NCLEX-RN(R) exam materials in all tested subject areas Prepare with four comprehensive practice tests Analyze your test readiness and areas for further study with topic-focused chapter tests Learn important test-taking strategies to maximize your score and diminish your anxiety