Political Animals and Animal Politics

von: Marcel Wissenburg, David Schlosberg

Palgrave Macmillan, 2018

ISBN: 9781349683086 , 180 Seiten


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Political Animals and Animal Politics


While much has been written on environmental politics on the one hand, and animal ethics and welfare on the other, animal politics is underexamined. There are key political implications in the increase of animal protection laws, the rights of nature, and political parties dedicated to animals.

Manuel Arias Maldonado, University of Málaga, Spain Kurtis Boyer, Lund University, Sweden Clemens Driessen, Wageningen University, The Netherlands Chad Flanders, Saint Louis University School of Law, USA Simon Otjes, Groningen University, The Netherlands Christie Smith, University of Exeter, UK Per-Anders Svärd, Stockholm University, Sweden Mihnea Tanasescu, Free University, Brussels, Belgium