Hibernate Tips - More than 70 solutions to common Hibernate problems

von: Thorben Janssen

Thoughts on Java, 2018

ISBN: 9783963136986 , 256 Seiten

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Hibernate Tips - More than 70 solutions to common Hibernate problems


When you use Hibernate in your projects, you quickly recognize that you need to do more than just add @Entity annotations to your domain model classes. Real-world applications often require advanced mappings, complex queries, custom data types and caching. Hibernate can do all of that. You just have to know which annotations and APIs you need to use. Hibernate Tips - More than 70 solutions to common Hibernate problems shows you how to efficiently implement your persistence layer with Hibernate's basic and advanced features. Each Hibernate Tip consists of one or more code samples and an easy to follow step-by-step explanation. You can also download an example project with executable test cases for each Hibernate Tip. Throughout this book, you will get more than 70 ready-to-use solutions that show you how to: - Define standard mappings for basic attributes and entity associations. - Implement your own attribute mappings and support custom data types. - Use Hibernate's Java 8 support and other proprietary features. - Read data from the database with JPQL, Criteria API, and native SQL queries. - Call stored procedures and database functions. This book is for developers who are already working with Hibernate and who are looking for solutions for their current development tasks. It's not a book for beginners who are looking for extensive descriptions of Hibernate's general concepts. The tips are designed as self-contained recipes which provide a specific solution and can be accessed when needed. Most of them contain links to related tips which you can follow if you want to dive deeper into a topic or need a slightly different solution. There is no need to read the tips in a specific order. Feel free to read the book from cover to cover or to just pick the tips that help you in your current project.

Thorben Janssen has been a software developer and architect for more than 15 years. More than a decade ago, he used one of the first Hibernate releases to implement the persistence layer of enterprise applications. Since then, he has used the framework to implement applications of various sizes with complex business and performance requirements. After blogging for several years about JPA and Hibernate, he decided to quit his day job in October 2016 to follow his passion for writing and teaching. Since then, he has been working as an independent trainer, author, and consultant to show software developers how to use Hibernate and JPA to avoid common problems and implement their persistence layer with ease.