The Philosophy of Chemistry

von: Patrick Kimuyu

GRIN Verlag , 2017

ISBN: 9783668585201 , 9 Seiten

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The Philosophy of Chemistry


Scientific Essay from the year 2016 in the subject Chemistry - General, grade: 2, Egerton University, language: English, abstract: This paper discuses the philosophy of chemistry. Philosophy of chemistry is a sub-branch of the philosophy of science. It is a new field that was hived from the traditional philosophy of science. It has acquired autonomy from the philosophy of physics under which it was regarded as a part. Its late evolution was due the assumption that most philosophers and scientists made in regard to the relationship between physics and chemistry. The assumption was that the chemistry can be reduced to physics. Most scholars in the philosophy of science argued that physics, under the principle of quantum mechanics, is the science that describes reality at its best, whereas chemistry, as the phenomenological science describe phenomenon as they are seen by human beings.