Structure, Information and Communication Complexity, IIS 1

Structure, Information and Communication Complexity, IIS 1

von: Paola Flocchini

MQUP, 1995

ISBN: 9780773591158

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Structure, Information and Communication Complexity, IIS 1


The ultimate goal of research in Distributed Computing is to understand the nature, properties and limitsof computing in a system of autonomous communicating agents. To this end, it is crucial to identify those factors which are significant for the computability and the communication complexity of problems. A crucial role is played by those factors which can be termed Structural Information: its identification,characterization, analysis, and its impact on communication complexity is an important theoretical taskwhich has immediate practical importance. The purpose of the Colloquia on Structural Information andCommunication Complexity (SIROCCO) is to focus explicitly on the interaction between structuralinformation and communication complexity. The Colloquia comprise position papers, presentations ofcurrent research, and group discussions. Series 1 contains papers presented at the 1st Colloquium onStructural Information and Communication Complexity, held in Ottawa, Canada. Series 2 contains paperspresented at the 2nd Colloquium held in Olympia, Greece.