Big Foot - ...And Tiny Little Heartstrings

Big Foot - ...And Tiny Little Heartstrings

von: Joseph Barnes Phillips

Aurora Metro Books, 2017

ISBN: 9781912430000 , 80 Seiten

Format: ePUB

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Big Foot - ...And Tiny Little Heartstrings


With grime music and Guyanese folk stories, Joseph Barnes-Phillip's semi-autobiographical story is a comic, tragic and honest portrayal of becoming a man. The story follows Rayleigh as he negotiates the tensions of growing up and taking responsibility - to his pregnant girlfriend, to his sick mother, to his church, to the multi-cultural community he grew up in and somewhere in the mix to himself. When the euphoric highs of teenage life in south London collide with his mum's terminal illness, all Rayleigh wants to do it watch anime in his pants and eat indomie. Love, life and masculinity meet head-on as Rayleigh tries to find his feet, torn between the new girl in his life and being there for his mum, while trying not to make the same mistakes as his dad.

About the playwright

Joseph's work as Co-artistic Director for HighRise Theatre and All Seeing Eye has seen him in collaboration with Cardboard  Citizens,  The  Arcola,  artsdepot,  The  Yard, Ovalhouse and more. Joe is also an actor and practitioner who  works  tirelessly  in  the  community  to  uplift  those around him as well as aiding them in overcoming their personal demons through the use of drama. This passion for  helping  people  has  led  him  into  some  extremely green pastures, within the last couple of years working as  Young  Company  Director  at  Orange  Tree  Theatre, Croydon Council, London Bubble Theatre, Soho Theatre, Centre Point, We are Spotlight and more.

About previous work

'Friendly, funny and frank throughout.' **** The Stage