Protective discrimination in Indian higher education - Reflections from US

von: Dhwani Sharma

GRIN Verlag , 2016

ISBN: 9783656989479 , 256 Seiten

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Protective discrimination in Indian higher education - Reflections from US


Doctoral Thesis / Dissertation from the year 2014 in the subject Law - Public Law / Constitutional Law / Basic Rights, grade: NA, Bangalore University / Central College (National Law School of India University Bangalore), course: Ph.D., language: English, abstract: The Indian constitution provided the state to make special provisions for the upliftment of backward classes. Since then, the topic has become debatable. These special provisions promulgated at different space and time have evolved as a preferential policy. The constitutional objective behind this policy is to ensure social justice for disadvantaged sections of people. Unfortunately the political motif has overshadowed the constitutional intent. The notion of justice is essentially apolitical; however, there has been criticism, oppositions and prolonged protests in this regard. These development are not conducive to Indian polity. The preferential policy should contribute to overcome the backwardness rather to create backwardness or hamper advancements of other classes of citizens. This work attempts to perform a cost -benefit, what if analysis in the light of preceding chapters. It also explores complementarities of legal doctrines in India and US. The common area of concerns were identified through covering and addressing questions before law and ideas worth accommodating from US part. Some doctrines are also developed in this regard.