Competition Law and Policy in the EU and UK

Competition Law and Policy in the EU and UK

von: Barry Rodger, Angus MacCulloch

Taylor and Francis, 2014

ISBN: 9781317907152

Format: ePUB

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Competition Law and Policy in the EU and UK


Competition Law and Policy in the EU and UK provides a focused guide to the main provisions and policies at issue in the EU and UK, including topics such as enforcement, abuse of dominance, anti-competitive agreements, cartels, mergers, and market investigations. The book's contents are tailored to cover all major topics in competition law teaching, and the authors' clear and accessible writing style offers an engaging and easy to follow overview of the subject for course use. The fifth edition provides a full update for this well-established title, presenting and contextualising the impact of key cases, as well as changes to enforcement practice, and at a legislative and institutional level. There are new, separate chapters in this edition on private enforcement and UK market investigations to reflect the increasing significance of these key areas of competition law practice.Competition Law and Policy in the EU and UK integrates useful pedagogical features to help clarify topics and reinforce important points:chapter overviews and summaries highlight the key points to take away from each chapter to structure student learningdiscussion questions facilitate self-testing and seminar discussions of the major issues covered in each chapter, to help reinforce understanding of these topicsfurther reading lists additional resources in order to guide research and develop subject knowledgea new glossary provides succinct explanations of competition law terminology, ideal for those studying the topic for the first timeClear, focused and student-friendly, this title offers a comprehensive resource for students taking competition law courses, and is supported online by updates to the law offered on Angus MacCulloch's blog, Who's Competing (