Intellectual Property Law of Plants

Intellectual Property Law of Plants

von: Mark D. Janis, Herbert H. Jervis, Richard C. Peet

OUP Oxford, 2014

ISBN: 9780191004339

Format: ePUB

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Intellectual Property Law of Plants


Plant intellectual property law is a complex proposition which stands apart from other intellectual property endeavours, and this book seeks to elucidate on the key issues involved. This work encompasses aspects of plant innovation and related law in the US and overseas providing a global perspective. Full treatment is given to the legal and technological framework, intellectual property regimes of importance in plant breeding, formal grants of rights under plant variety protection schemes, plant and utility patent regimes and trade mark regimes. Antitrust restrictions on intellectual property licensing and international regulations on plant genetic resources are also covered in detail. All this ensures this text guarantees a comprehensive collection of all useful materials. Written by an expert team of both academics and practitioners, this book is the first to provide unique practical analysis on the creation and implementation of specialised, plant-specific intellectual property regimes.