Short Book on Stress - (and how to cope with it)

Short Book on Stress - (and how to cope with it)

von: Dr Ashley Conway

Short Books, 2013

ISBN: 9781780721910

Format: ePUB

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Short Book on Stress - (and how to cope with it)


Stress is common. The UK Health and Safety Executive reports that in the UK about half a million people a year suffer work-related stress. That number could be matched easily by those who suffer stress due to pressures outside the workplace. In this short book, clinical psychologist Dr Ashley Conway describes the symptoms of stress and outlines a range of methods both practical and psychological to help sufferers deal with their feelings and promote healing. Conway writes in simple, easy language and after each section offers a bullet point summary of the key issues. He frames the discussion with case studies based on his years of experience in dealing with individuals who have worked through and thrived after stressful events. Introducing the Therapy Toolkits, a new series of short, user-friendly, 15,000-word books designed to help you confront the things that worry you or which might be holding you back, and to enable you to effect lasting change.